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Healey J, Davey V, Liddle J, O’Rourke G, Hanratty B & Beresford B (2024) UK homecare providers’ views about, and experiences of, digitalisation: A national survey. Digit Health. May 22;10:20552076241255477.

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Micklewright K, Killett A, Akdur G, Biswas P, Blades P, Irvine L, Jones L, Meyer J, Ravenscroft N, Woodhead H & Goodman C (2024). Activity provider-facilitated patient and public involvement with care home residents. Research Involvement and Engagement, 10(7).


Kelly, M.,  Allison, E. and Micklewright, K. (2023). Health and social care research from the frontline: perspectives from care home staff. Nursing and Residential Care. Vol.25, No.11.

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Hanratty, B, Wolters, AT, Towers, A-M, Spilsbury, K, Meyer, J, Killett, A, Jones, L, Gordon, A, Burton, JK, Akdur, G, Irvine, L, Warmoth, K, Liddle, J and Goodman, C. (2023). Data Collection in Care Homes for Older Adults: A National Survey in England. Journal of Long Term Care, (2023), pp. 288–296.

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Towers, A-M., Gordon, A., Wolters, A., Allen, S., Rand, S., webster, L., Brine, R., Crellin, E., De Corte, K., Irvine, L., Akdur, G., Burton, J., Hanratty, B., Killett, A., Meyer, J., Jones, L. & Goodman, C. (2023) Piloting of a minimum data set for older people living in care homes in England: protocol for a longitudinal, mixed-methods study, BMJ Open, Volume 13, Issue 2.

Spilsbury, K., Peryer, G., Devi, R., Haunch, K., Jordao, M., Thompson, C., Goodman, C., (2023) On your marks, get set, pause: what care home teams should consider before partnering with a trial research group, Nursing and Residential Care, Volume 25, Issue 1.


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Musa, M.K., Akdur, G., Brand, S., Killett, A., Spilsbury, K., Peryer, G., Burton, J. K., Gordon, A. L., Hanratty, B., Towers, A-M., Irvine, L., Kelly, S., Jones, L., Meyer, J. & Goodman, C. (2022) The uptake and use of a minimum data set (MDS) for older people living and dying in care homes: a realist review. BMC Geriatr 22, 33.


Irvine L, Burton JK, Ali M, Quinn TJ, Goodman C. (2021) Protocol for the development of a repository of individual participant data from randomised controlled trials conducted in adult care homes (the Virtual International Care Homes Trials Archive (VICHTA)). Trials 22, 157.


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Hanratty, B., Burton, J. K., Goodman, C., Gordon, A. L., & Spilsbury, K. (2020) Covid-19 and lack of linked datasets for care homes. BMJ, 369.

Work Package 3 PROSPERO registration: “The uptake and use of the minimum data set (MDS) for older people living and dying in care homes in care home settings: a realist review” – 9 March 2020

Work Package 1 PROSPERO registration: “A systematic review of process and contextual factors that influence research implementation in care homes and identification of key measures and outcomes in care home research” – 10 January 2020

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