Professor Claire Goodman
Professor of Health Care Research
University of Hertfordshire

Research Profile Claire Goodman

Claire leads the project and link to NIHR ARCs.

Dr Gizdem Akdur
Research Fellow
University of Hertfordshire

Research Profile Gizdem Akdur

Gizdem provides support to Claire Goodman in coordinating cross site collaboration. She has research experience in information systems and digital innovation in health. She is the co-lead of the realist review in Work Package 3, which aims to develop a theory-driven understanding of how internationally deployed MDS systems offer transferable learning in the UK context.

Dr Stephen Allan

Senior Research Fellow

University of Kent


Stephen Allan is a Senior Research Fellow at the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU), University of Kent.

He is an economist with particular interests in long-term care markets and workforce.

He is working on WP5 (pilot MDS) to demonstrate the value of the MDS through data analysis.

Priti Biswas (left January 2022)
Senior Research Associate
University of East Anglia


Priti will work (with Anne Killett) to set up and support care home based PPIE groups with resident and family members, who are the key stakeholders to inform the project across the work packages.

Dr Sarah L Brand (left in 2022)
Senior Research Fellow in Implementation Science
University of Exeter Medical School, NIHR Applied Research Collaboration South West Peninsula



Sarah provides implementation research expertise across the DACHA work packages. Sarah’s research focuses on understanding how social and health care interventions interact with setting and population in ways that affect uptake and embedding of, and outcomes for people using, these services.

Dr Jenni Burton
SCREDS Clinical Lecturer, Academic Geriatric Medicine
University of Glasgow


Jenni is a clinical academic geriatrician with an interest in using routine data to improve evidence-based care for older people moving into and living in care homes. Jenni will be involved in supporting delivery of the trial repository (WP2) and in the review of MDS (WP3), providing clinical and data linkage input to WPs 4 & 5.

Pamela Blades
PPI representative


Pamela will contribute to the PPI component basing her input on her experiences of caring for her mother who suffered with Dementia and also as a Carer for the Elderly in both Residential and Domiciliary settings.

Andy Cowan (left 2021)
Research Assistant
University of Cambridge


Andy has worked across several systematic reviews on older people. He is assisting Sarah Kelly and Guy Peryer on WP1.​

Dr Rachael Carroll
Research Fellow
University of Nottingham


Rachael is a research fellow at the University of Nottingham. Her previous research looked at the role of Health Care Assistants in hospital environments. She has experience of working as a mental health nurse in older persons care. In Work Package 5, Rachael’s role includes recruitment of care homes and residents for the pilot minimum data set (MDS).

Kaat De Corte

Senior Data Analyst

The Health Foundation

Kaat is the data analyst for Work Package 4 which is being led by the Improvement Analytics Unit at The Health Foundation. She will demonstrate how analysis of the minimum dataset can provide useful information for all levels of care provision, from the individual care home level to the national policy level.

Liz Crellin

Data Manager, Improvement Analytics Unit

The Health Foundation

Liz is working on Work Package 4, in particular to identify, document and link existing data sources to create a prototype Minimum Data Set.  Before joining the Health Foundation in 2019, Liz has worked as a Researcher at Clinical Research Practice Datalink (CPRD) and in epidemiological research.

Sue Fortescue (left 2021)   —  Read Sue’s obituary here

PPI representative and Research Network Volunteer

Alzheimer’s Society

Sue will contribute to the PPI component, basing her input on her experiences of caring for her mother, who suffered from Huntington’s Disease, and her father, who had vascular dementia.

Professor Adam Gordon
Professor of Care of Older People
University of Nottingham


Adam is Professor of Care of Older People at the University of Nottingham.  He is an academic geriatrician and an applied care home researcher.  He is co-lead for work package 5.

Professor Barbara Hanratty
Professor of Primary Care and Public Health


Barbara is an academic GP and public health physician with a longstanding interest in developing a minimum dataset for care homes. She will contribute in particular to the mapping of, and consultation on data collection from care home residents.

Jan Healey

Research Associate

University of York


Jan is an Occupational Therapist with a background in Adult Social Care and a special interest in homecare. She is working on the DACHA DOM (SWAP) study.

Lisa Irvine
Senior Research Fellow
University of Hertfordshire

Research Profile Lisa Irvine

Lisa will coordinate Work Package 2, the development of an individual patient data (IPD) repository of RCTs conducted in UK care homes. She will work closely with the Virtual Trials Archive (University of Glasgow) in establishing the repository,  and use the pooled data to help inform what outcome measures could be included in the care home minimum dataset.”

Liz has social care expertise, experience of building capacity in care home research, representative of the National Care Forum and the Care Provider Alliance. Liaison and links back into the wider sector to support this programme of research.

Dr Sarah Kelly
Senior Research Associate
University of Cambridge


Sarah Kelly is a highly experienced systematic reviewer and information specialist and will co-lead (with Guy Peryer) on the reviews and information strategies for WP1.

Dr Anne Killett
Senior Lecturer – Occupational Therapy
University of East Anglia


Anne will set up 2 care home based Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) groups  to facilitate care home residents and family members to contribute their priorities to each of the work packages.

Professor Julienne Meyer
Professor of Nursing: Care for Older People
City, University of London


Julienne will be jointly responsible with others for Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE), in particular leading consultation with national care home networks. This will involve co-designing each work package in relation to research, dissemination and implementation with residents, relatives and staff; through 2 care home based PPIE groups, a PPIE panel and 3 national expert consultation meetings.

Kerry Micklewright
Senior Research Associate
University of East Anglia


Alongside her work on the DACHA project, Kerry is also an occupational therapist specialising in stroke and neurology. She will be joining the project in May 2022 to support Anne Killett in facilitating Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE).

Massirfufulay K. Musa (left July 2021)
Research Fellow
University of Hertfordshire

Maz co-leads the Realist Review in Work Package 3 and provides support to Professor Claire Goodman in coordinating work packages within DACHA.

Jack Novak (left March 2022)
Research Project Manager
University of Hertfordshire


Jack will be responsible for setting up collaboration contracts, monitoring budgets and financial reconciliation.

Sinead Palmer (left March 2024)
Research Officer
University of Kent

Sinead is a Research Officer, working at the University of Kent. She has an extensive background in care home research, with a special interest in quality of life. She is working on work package 5, which includes recruitment of care homes and residents, supporting homes to pilot the MDS, and carrying out focus groups and interviews around implementation.

Lindsey Parker
Senior Administrator
University of Hertfordshire


Lindsey will provide administrative support to the study and assist Jack Novak, Research Project Manager.

Dr Guy Peryer
Lecturer in Health Sciences
University of East Anglia


Guy will be co-leading WP1 with Dr Sarah Kelly. Sarah and Guy will be performing two reviews. One review will focus on specific measures and outcomes used in care home research studies since 2009. The second review will identify relevant contextual factors that may influence the implementation of health and social care related changes in care homes.

Dr Stacey Rand
Senior Research Fellow, Personal Social Services Research Unit
University of Kent


Stacey Rand is a senior research fellow at the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU), University of Kent. She is a social care researcher with interests in the measurement and application of outcomes data. She is working on WP5 (pilot MDS).

Ian Spencer  (left May 2023)
Research Associate


Ian started as a Research Associate on the DACHA project in September 2022, having previously trained as a general and mental health nurse and worked in care homes.

Previous research projects include Soviet psychiatry, the history of obstetric ultrasound and psychiatric hospital design.

Professor Karen Spilsbury
Professor of Nursing, University of Leeds
Academic Director for NICHE-Leeds



Karen is a nurse and applied health and care researcher with a portfolio of research with and for care homes. She is supporting DACHA work packages 1, 2, 3 and 5 and will lead a consultation group.

The Health Foundation will lead the work on work package 4. We will build on our existing experience in evaluating the impact of the EHCH vanguards, and our national study on emergency admissions from care homes. The aim of our work package is to demonstrate what a minimum dataset on care home residents could look like when using administrative data. Data that are collected for a different purpose, often to support running health and social care services, than can be re-used for the purpose of research and service evaluation.

Ann-Marie is a Senior Research Fellow CHSS ( previously Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU). University  of Kent Lead a programme of work to develop, test and support the Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit (ASCOT). Special interest in how we might employ qualitative methods, such as observations, supported interviewing techniques and forms of adapted communication, to try and ascertain the views and experiences of care home residents part of  Policy Research Units (Quality, Safety and Outcomes of Health and Social Care Research Unit).

Dr Lucy Webster (left October 2023)


Lucy has a background in dementia and care home research. She is working on Work Package 5, including the recruitment of care homes and residents to the pilot of the minimum dataset.

Arne Wolters (left March 2023)
Acting Head of the Improvement Analytics Unit
The Health Foundation


Research Partners